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Compassion International

Helping children

Compassion International works with the poorest of the poor in 26 countries. When you sponsor a child your monthly contribution provides everything that child needs to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and most important, spiritually. Currently, over one million children are being sponsored and cared for world wide.

In Jesus' name

Every child that is a part of Compassion's program learns the gospel of Jesus Christ. All school lessons are taught through the lens of the gospel of Jesus Christ and they learn how valuable they are in the eyes of Christ. In just one year, over 250,000 people accepted Jesus Christ as savior thanks to Compassion's efforts. Compassion is releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. 

Supporting the Church

The work of Compassion International reinforces the importance of the church. Children are fed and taught their school lessons at the local church. They also worship at the local church. Part of Compassion's efforts is to reinforce the importance of the local church.

Building a relationship 

Sponsoring a child is about so much more than providing what a child needs to thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is about relationship. You can write letters to your sponsored child, and you will receive letters from your sponsored child. In those letters you can encourage them and reassure them of God's love. 

Financial Integrity

Compassion works diligently to ensure financial integrity and accountability that is above reproach. Almost 90% of every dollar of your sponsorship goes toward programs that directly benefit your sponsored child. Charity Navigator, which is essentially the Consumer Reports for charities, has given Compassion International their highest rating for financial accountability and transparency and integrity for the last 14 straight years. 

Providing Hope

When children are sponsored through Compassion, their sponsored are providing them with hope for a better life. David has first hand witnessed the transformation that takes place in a child's life. They can stop worrying about surviving today and have a renewed hope for the future...a hope that is found in Jesus Christ. 

David In Ecuador meeting his sponsored child

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